Архео-акустични анализи на древната Канда

Научниот текст со прелиминарните резултати од интердисциплинарните мерења кои беа извршени на геоглифот во Овче Поле оваа година, ќе биде објавен на Третата Виртуелна Меѓународна Конференција за Напредни Истражувања во Научните Области – ARSA 2014 во Словачка. По ова, истиот ќе биде достапен и за пошироката научна јавност.

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Archaeoacoustic analysis of the ancient site of Kanda (Macedonia). Preliminary results.

Paolo Debertolis*, Aristotel Tentov**, Domagoj Nikolić***, Goran Marjanović****, Heikki Savolainen*****, Nina Earl****

*Department of Medical Sciences – University of Trieste, Italy

**Department of IT, University “St. Kiril i Metodij” Skopje, Macedonia

***Rochester Institute of Technology, Dubrovnik, Croatia

****SB Research Group, Europe

*****HSS Production, Audiovisual Impressions, Helsinki, Finland

Abstract — Research was carried out on a geoglyph located in Kanda (Macedonia) by an international team using interdisciplinary methods (astronomy, philosophy, mythology, mathematics and physics). The research conducted on two occasions in 2014 was undertaken to establish all potential anomalies in the IS, US and EM spectrum with special attention to anomalies common to sacred sites, but as yet unexplained by standard physics.

We conclude the Geoglyph looks to be built on an artificial hill. This hill or mound also appears to be artificial from the aeroplane. The Geoglyph is visible only from the sky and is located in an oval ditch.

Some measurements suggest that there is chamber located below the surface.  Research by different methods (infra-/ultrasound research, AMT measurements, binary algorithm synthesis from audio waves, data sonification and dowsing) also found that at the sacred enclosure primary water is located at the centre or at some point along its major axis. Furthermore, since the soil does not match the surrounding area, it would certainly appear that this mound has been carefully constructed with a specific purpose in mind. What exactly that purpose is remains to be investigated in future.

Keywords – archaeoacoustics, geoglyph, Kanda, Sveti Nikole, Macedonia, brain activity

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Proceedings in the Congress “The 3rd Virtual International Conference on Advanced Research in Scientific Areas” (ARSA-2014) Slovakia,  December 1 – 5, 2014. (http://www.arsa-conf.com).

Published by: EDIS – Publishing Institution of the University of Zilina, Univerzitná 1, 01026 Žilina, Slovak Republic.

ISSN 1338-9831.

извор: SB Research Group